Success IQ Catalyst

80% of people fail because they don't have a solid planning strategy.

Success IQ Catalyst is a 14-day program designed to provide you with the key fundamental skills and strategies for enjoying exceptional results.  It has been designed to deliver you a lesson a day for you to work on and as you progress you are building the foundation for achieving your goals and maintaining forward momentum.

What you will lean

17 Lessons

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Introduction to the program

Best Practices

How best to use the program and get the best results

The Program

Day 1: Non Negotiables

exploring setting personal standards and what your not prepared to affect

Day 2: Holistic Success

Discussing my holistic success model and why this approach is critical for your success

Day 3: Accountability

How to use accountability to get the best results

Day 4: Self Reflection

How to use feedback and reflection to increase your results

Day 5: Defining Success

Identifying your personal version of success

Day 6: The Big Picture

How to create your vision to help your identify what you want to achieve

Day 7: Catch Up

Use this day wisely to catch up

Day 8: H.I.T.S

Identifying the most important goals in your plan

Day 9: Goals - Brain Dump

Its time to get all those goals out of your head to free up some valuable space

Day 10: Goals - Priorities

Assess the most important goals to focus your energy and efforts on

Day 11: Goal interrogation

You have picked your tops goals now use this powerful evaluation strategy to check them

Day 12: Habits & Processes

Let's explore the importance of your habits and processes

Day 13: Habit Assessment

It's time to look at implementing more useful habits to your day


Day 14: Conclusion

Graduation day a massive well done

Whats Next

Let's discuss your next step for creating exceptional results